About CWM

Ceylon Waste Management Private Limited (CWM) is the country's first E- Waste recycling factory which has incorporated under Board of Investment of Sri Lanka on year 2010. The project has established to find sustainable disposal solutions of E- Waste in Sri Lanka. CWM's project proposal has reviewed by BASEL technical committee for two years and delivered set of guidelines to set up the project on year 2009. CWM is the single E- waste recycling project which has incorporated based on BASEL experts guidelines in Sri Lanka.

The project delivered customized E- waste disposal solutions for corporate entities and individuals since year 2010. CWM has equipped the factory with modern machineries in addition to improve skills of Human resources capital of the organization. The company caters over 350 clients and most of business entities have signed contracts to showcase their environmental commitment. We support corporate clients to obtain Environmental Management Systems (EMS Standards) to their respective organizations.

The factory has located in at Kiriwaththuduwa - Homagama in Colombo district. The factory premises exceed 18000 SQF permanent shelters and the factory has extra 27500 SQF operation ground space at the same premises. Recently the company acquired another 3 hectares land for expansion of the project at Malabe area.

CWM has developed strategic ventures with direct precious metal refineries in Europe. We extract precious metals by E- Waste including Rear Earth Metals. The company has strategic business alliance with CRT tube recycling in Europe which is the single Solution for the nation. Our Waste cable recycling facility at the factory recycles 12 tons of Cables per day.

CWM has developed cross country e- waste collecting mechanism with a partner companies. The company operates E- waste Pick up service in Colombo district. CWM held legitimate approval to collect wastes by BOI companies without paying local taxes. Most of BOI companies entertain hassle free facility today.