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CWM is the single E- waste recycling company that posses Environmental Protection Licenses (EPL) in Sri Lanka. The company equipped with skilful 35 pairs of technical hands for E- Waste dismantling and Segregation process. The Company provide ongoing technical trainings for employees.

We have fully automated machineries for Waste cables and wire parts recycling and currently we are manufacturing few metric tons of copper every day. The purity level of our copper production is 99.965 % and suitable for any high end product manufacturing process as a raw material.

We operate with a zero-landfill objective and use a variety of processes to generate up to twenty different streams of recyclate that are converted into new raw materials by intelligent and environmentally friendly downstream refining. We recover maximum value from these materials, including glass, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious metals, and platinum group metals. Every step in our process is transparent and documented and will stand the test of scrutiny from any audit.