Recycling Products

We have separate recycling processes for every Obsolete. Our recycling process is transparent. We accept following items for recycling but we prepare ` Waste Profile` for new types of items prior accepting for recycling.

CRT Monitors and CRT Televisions*
All types of Cables and Wires
Computers and Accessories
Printers & Scanners
Phones & Fax Machines
LCD Monitors, LED / LCD/ TFT Televisions
Cell Phones & Digital Cameras
Bluetooth Devices
Media Players (IPod, MP3, CD)
Video Game Systems & Controllers
Network Products
All kind of industrial and consumer equipments
Hybrid Car Batteries , Rechargeable Small Batteries
CDs, DVDs. Cassettes, Discs
Radios, Speakers, Amplifiers & Electronic Music
Circuit Boards
Memory Chips, Sticks, & Drives
Wires & Cables
Small Appliances -(Toasters, Blenders, Microwaves, etc.)
Large Appliances - (Fridges, Stoves, Freezers, etc.)
Power Tools, UPS and Batteries
Commercial & Industrial Electronic Equipment
Industrial Switches
ABS plastics
PP Plastics