Our Vision

"Clean drinking water, Anti Poisonous foods and none Toxic Air breathing for everyone". Proper management of E- Waste is our core competencies and we utilize our strengths to re- establish better living hood for People and all species on the Planet.

Our Misson

CWM supports the protection of an environment by efficiently recycling E-waste. Our everyday pollution prevention activities reduce the industry e-waste go into landfills. CWM operates in waste dumping sites to prevent the pollution by e- waste. CWM believes in a closed production system and no landfill policy.

CWM continuously developing E- Waste collecting mechanism covering an entire country to prevent E- waste accumulates at landfills. We equip the factory with modern machineries, training employees for enhance competencies, conduct awareness programs to educate external stakeholders and employees remunerations have bundled with industrial competencies.