Environmental Sustainability

CWM is a service providing company for Manufacturers and Consumers. Individuals and commercial organizations are operating in modern world need everything in seconds to door step. Manufactures produce upgraded new products with hundrerds of product features to satisfy customer's demands. Obviously, most of items become obsolete faster than before while manufactures need raw materials for items manufacturing to match the market demand.

It is vital to understand that electronics items need Power to operate. Manufacturing process has higher energy demand while it produces environmental hazardous substances as by-products. Virgin raw materials are recovering by mining projects & the process utilizes cyanides, Sulfuric acids and etc. People manufacture equipments with great effort while marking higher rate of "Carbon footprint" and "Water footprint". But they dispose these items sometimes with municipal Waste which is most dangerous to the Eco system. E- Waste needs proper disposal system unless it pollute environment which lead to serious health issues.

CWM has a great vision into "Carbon Footprint "and "Water footprint" concepts through E- Waste Management. The company has fully focused to reduce "Carbon Footprint" and recycle Plastics, Copper, Aluminum and Iron in Sri Lanka factory. We refine rare metals by E- Wastes and recycle Hazardous CRT tubes. We support Sri Lanka individuals and commercial entities to dispose their E- Waste for Sustainable Recycling process. We Collect E- Waste island wide including general garbage dumping sites. We work with eco system and our ultimate goal is to re- establish Environment Sustainability.