Corporate Governance

CWM is the company that believes good governance. We trust that good governance is really important for the company since we process E- waste for the purpose of establishing a toxic free environment for people. Therefore, our entire business operation should establish on pillars of good governance. Our entire process is transparent.

Our entire recycling process is auditing by an external auditing team. This is in addition to our ongoing environmental Management System (EMS) auditing mechanism. The company has displayed a fully Transparent and Independence governance by appointing an external team for auditing an internal operation. CWM has established Accountability throughout the process by providing series of acknowledgements in writing per one E- Waste material pick up by any corporate supplier. Simply CWM displays its accountability till final refining point to corporate clients which could trace. We show our Honesty and Integrity by allowing any external stake holder to visit the factory. CWM has fully secured the PRIVACY of E- Waste suppliers.

CWM has displayed its Loyalty to the Environment and the People by adhering domestic regulations of Sri Lanka. We have all CEA licenses, BASEL licenses and Environmental protection Licences issued by BOI. We have properly incorporated our company only for E- waste Management and we are a BOI approved company for the same purpose. Therefore we meet legal compliances perfectly.