Our Services

CWM believes that people dump their E- Waste with garbage since they not have facilities to dispose those in a proper manner. We are arranging collecting events with the community demand. CWM with its corporate partners jointly conducts collecting events and helping corporate citizens to dispose their E-Waste in an accountable manner.Ceylon Waste Management Pvt Ltd has designed a series of solutions for your E- wastes. We offer end -to- end solutions in E- Waste Management. Our solutions have designed to cover any stage of Product Life Cycle (PLC) of all types of Obsoletes for the purposes of protecting your Data, Brands and Corporate Image.

CWM services can be mixed and matched in nearly any jurisdiction to meet your needs. Those services that we cannot provide in-house in a given jurisdiction we can source from our extensive network of affiliates, all of whom meet our exacting standards of quality, security, and environmental responsibility.